Pageant Coaching

Pageants allow women to gain life experience and new skill sets, as well as make lasting friendship, and professional connection. Women learn and grow through the pageant experience, and the preparation process leading up to the pageant is where women become well rounded and equipped to take on the crown. Self Development coach, Corrin Stellakis, will prepare you for all phases of competition so that you will become Fit to Reign!

Necessary Paperwork

Before the judges ever see you, they will get the chance to review who you are on paper. This is the time to file all necessary paperwork and make sure that you stand out before meeting the judges. The initial impression judges get from you based on your paperwork can affect how they perceive you on-stage and in interview.
Your interview is the most important area of competition within a pageant. With interview coaching you will learn techniques on how to create a lasting impact on the judges through verbal and non-verbal means. Work with Fit to Reign to strengthen your interview skills so that you can communicate your thoughts confidently to the judges.
Part of the pageant experience is the fitness/swimsuit round. Every person's body is different and our goal is to make your body healthy and fit, giving you a stronger look and more confidence on stage.
Learn how to state your presence by personalizing your image. Fit to Reign will help you choose hair and makeup styles, as well as all wardrobe for your pageant experience. Let’s find a look that brings out your personality and helps you make an entrance!
Learn how to rock the stage in all areas of on-stage competition! Know the difference between a swimsuit, evening gown, fun fashion, and runway walk as well as the techniques to get the best angle in front of a camera. Work with Fit to Reign so that you grace the stage at your next pageant!

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a big fear for many individuals. Conquer that fear by learning techniques to ease your nerves and communicate your ideas effectively to an audience. Work with Fit to Reign to gain skills, write compelling speeches, and perform them with confidence!
Girls and women who compete in pageants are not just aiming for the crown, but they are giving a voice to their cause. They stand for something greater than themselves, and they want to make a difference in their community, state, nation, and in some cases, the world! Fit to Reign will help you in your platform development so that you can create a chain reaction through the work that you do with your case.
Ready to get serious? Call Fit to Reign to schedule a meet with Corrin to discuss your goals and be on your way to success!