Corrin is an amazing, well-rounded coach! She offers so much valuable advice for all aspects of competing in a pageant. I needed the most help with the interview, as I felt it was my lowest point in the competition. Corrin trained me how to answer questions efficiently while still being myself and I learned so much from our stimulating discussions on current events, and topics that have a high likelihood of coming up in interview. We also worked on my public speaking skills, runway walk, and overall presentation. Corrin worked so hard with me for months preparing for Miss Earth United States 2017. Because of her careful training, I competed better than I ever have in my pageant career so far, and I successfully made it to top 20 at my first ever national pageant. On top of that, I delivered a flawless speech that I am so proud of! All of Corrin's training gave me the ability to confidently put my best foot forward. I cannot thank her enough for helping me cross this huge milestone, and now I feel unstoppable!

- Nathalie Borgella
Miss New England Earth US 2017
I started coaching with Corrin a little over a year ago. I had only competed once before and had very little experience when it came to pageantry. The best part about working with Corrin has been that she has held titles in several major pageants and continues to compete which makes her very relatable. She is able to share her own experiences and the techniques that she has learned along the way, which has helped me understand exactly what to expect while competing. Being that I was a beginner, I really appreciated Corrin’s honesty and her methods, because it helped to identify what I needed to work on so I could be ready for competition. In her sessions, she has covered all aspects of pageantry such as wardrobe, interview, and stage presence. Corrin’s help didn’t just stop after my sessions ended. She had worked behind the scenes to help me get ready for my pageant. When I competed for Miss Teen United States after winning my state title (with Corrin’s help of course), I texted her throughout the entire week and she would always promptly reply. She kept me feeling confident and ready for the competition during the experience, especially when things started getting difficult or I was nervous. I am so thankful that I started coaching with Corrin because she had helped me along my journey to becoming my best self. I know that with Corrin’s help I can have a future in Pageantry, and am excited to embark on a journey to my next title.

- Serena Exantus
Miss New York Teen United States 2017
“Corrin was my pageant coach when I was participating in the Miss Earth United States pageant system the summer of 2017 in Washington D.C. Because I had never participated in pageants before, I needed a lot of professional and experienced guidance to prepare myself for all parts of the competition process: runaway, interview, evening gown, and others. Corrin did an amazing job helping me to prepare for each step of the competition! She shared her experience with pageantry by giving me some helpful tips when it comes to choosing wardrobe, stage presence and interview preparation. As a result, I had a great experience being part of the Miss Earth U.S. organization and highly recommend Corrin for your coaching needs.”

- Ann Marie Zapolska
Elite Miss Illinois 2017
My pageant journey began just a little over a year ago. I have many people to thank for my success, however one person in particular helped in more ways than one. Corrin Stellakis and I have known each other for many years through the modeling world. She saw a light in me I had been wanting to explore, but didn’t know how to go about it. Pageantry had always been a dream of mine and Corrin not only make that dream come true, but she also helped me in other aspects of my life. It all began with competing for the title of Miss New York USA in 2017. Corrin began coaching me in bathing suit, evening gown, and interview. She also began to train me in physical fitness, as she’s a certified personal trainer. I was always a very tiny woman, but Corrin showed me my true potential. She guided me on a physical fitness journey that I can’t thank her enough for. My transformation in just three short months, brought me to tears because I never thought I could look as good as I did. Corrin was able to give me the appropriate workouts and train at a pace that worked well with my body. She gave me the confidence to show off my hard work and never gave up on me. The amazing thing about having Corrin as my personal trainer was that she knew my body, my stamina, and limits. She was always pushing me in a positive way and always strived to give me the best training. After I competed for Miss New York USA, I really wanted to give pageantry another try. Corrin was right by my side, ready to take me on again! I competed for Miss New York International 2017. Corrin is excellent at interview and she prepared me for not only my interview for the pageant, but also my speaking skills. She gave me tips that I could apply to all aspects of life rather than just pageantry which is what makes her stand out the most as a coach. We also continued training for the physical fitness portion of the competition and she continued providing incredible results! We became not just pageant contestant and coach, but best friends through this process because she truly cared about me as a person and not just a client. She is like this with everyone and is the most genuine person you will ever meet! During this process, we also worked on evening gown and fun fashion. Corrin helped pick out all of my wardrobe from practice attire, to on stage attire to make sure I was prepared. She also went through each hair style and make-up look I was to wear with each outfit. I felt extremely prepared and organized all because of her dedication to making sure I was pristine. She really helped me gain the confidence and poise I needed to take home the crown, which I’m so proud to say I won and am currently Miss New York International. I couldn’t have won the crown without her support, training, and tips. I then went on to compete at the national level. Corrin again dove right in and even if we weren’t having a session, she was on call and always there to answer any question I had. Again, she had each of my outfits planned for each day whether I was on stage or not. She really prepared me for the interview process and how to hold myself as I was at nationals. Corrin even took the time each day I was at nationals to make sure I was looking my best and was prepared for the day. Because of her knowledge and support, she helped me climb to the top and place in the top ten at my very first national competition. Corrin was there from beginning to end giving me her undivided attention and I know she does that with each of her clients. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with having Corrin as my coach! If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have won my first state title and I wouldn’t have placed top ten at a national level. Her coaching is the highest quality you could ever receive because for her, it’s about making you a better woman all around while also preparing you for whichever pageant you choose to compete in. If you’re looking for the best coach in the world, Corrin Stellakis is your woman. She will guide you to becoming the best version of yourself and help you in all aspects of competition. I’m so fortunate to have her by my side! Join the Fit To Reign family; I’m so glad I did!
- Lexi Kerr
Miss New York International 2017
If you were to ask me five years ago what I would be doing, competing in a pageant would’ve been the last thing to cross my mind. Since competing in pageantry, I have had numerous coaches. Never once have I had a coach so passionate in what she does. Corrin gets to know you and takes time to help you convey your best self. She works with your schedule and wants to help you reach your goals. Fit to Reign has changed my life.

- Lutisha Gregory
Miss Indianapolis 2018
Miss Indiana Earth United States 2017
My daughter Briella started competing in pageants this past year and absolutely fell in love with the world of pageantry. We were new to the pageant world and she wanted to compete more. At that time, I knew I needed to research a potential pageant coach for her. I reached out to Corrin and we began discussing possibly working with my daughter. Instantly I knew it was a great match! I do not feel that I could have chosen a better coach and role model for Briella. I was very impressed on how well she worked with her. Briella instantly felt comfortable during her sessions and she always looked forward to the next. Corrin always kept the lessons positive and fun! She has learned so much this past year and has thrived since working with Corrin. Not only has she developed skills to become successful in the pageant world, but life long skills that will carry her through a life time as a young woman. I highly recommend Corrin as a pageant coach for your child. She is an exemplary woman and role model. She has so many invaluable skills to offer. I have no doubt your child would thrive through her pageant coaching sessions.

- Brady Cenci
(Mother of Briella Cenci)
" I have worked with Corrin for the past year and I have loved working with her so much! At first, I was a little nervous about my first lesson with Corrin but I became quickly comfortable with her, she is like the big sister I never had!She has taught me how to walk in an evening gown, casual wear and my favorite, fashion walk! She has helped me to prepare for my on stage questions and interviews. She always makes my lessons so much fun and provides feedback in a positive way. I always look forward to the next session. Since working with Corrin I have been crowned "Miss Autsim Awareness" and "Miss Spirit of the Holidays." Working with Corrin has definately paid off! I would recommend any girl to work with Corrin! She will make sure you feel like a princess and shine like a star on stage!"

- Briella Cenci
Miss Autism Awareness
Miss Spirit of the Holidays
Spirit of Rensselaer Country Jr. Miss
Miss Capital District Princess 2018
If it weren't for Corrin, Fit for Reign, I would not have been able to jump into a new System as competitive as Miss Earth United States. Corrin helped me develop confidence in the interview room and taught me how to embrace my differences when it came to the competition. Having been competing in pageants for six years and placing for my first time at Miss Earth United States 2017, I can say with assurance that it was both my determination and the village who made that happen - Corrin was a significant part of that village that led me to my first placement. Thank you Corrin for being such a wonderful coach and friend!

- XX
Sunny Day Miss Midwest Earth United States 2017
Top 15 at Miss Earth United States.
“Working with Corrin as I prepared for Miss Earth United States was absolutely amazing! Her passion for her clients is absolutely outstanding and she creates a bond that makes you feel so comfortable and READY to compete! We really focused on Public Speaking and we would practice each and everyday until it was perfected. By the time I had to compete during the public speaking portion, I felt more than ready! Everything that Corrin taught me really helped once the big day came. I was fortunate enough to win the title of Miss Earth United States Air (1RU) - needless to say, I was Fit to Reign!”

- Ashley Wade
Miss D.C Earth United States 2017
Miss Earth United States Air 2017
"Corrin’s vast background across various pageant systems allows her experiences to help guide you along your pageant journey. From the start, I shared my weaknesses and strengths with Corrin and she made sure to touch on everything to ensure I was well rounded and prepared for nationals! From platform development, mock interview questions, perfecting your unique walk, to beauty and fitness tips and tricks Corrin prepares you to be the best version of yourself to grace that stage whether this is your first pageant or you’re a well seasoned vet. I live in a different state than Corrin, but that didn’t serve as a barrier; Her flexible schedule allows you to schedule video chat sessions with her with ease."

- Melissa Ayala
Elite Miss Pennsylvania Earth United States 2017
"I am so pleased and honored to be part of the Fit to Reign family! Working with Corrin as a pageant coach and the pageant knowledge she has shared has helped me to grow in all phases of the competition. I quickly learned within a few interview practices, some helpful tips and strategies . From sessions with Corrin , I now feel more confident in interview and completely fearless in my answers. She helped prepare me for the questions I never thought to prepare for, and believing in me to be the best version of myself. I now feel fit to reign!"

- Maria DeCaro

“My daughter, Maria DeCaro , Miss Reigning America’s Miss Empire State , Junior Teen 2018 has been a client for two years . The training and warm reception you receive from Corrin as a coach makes you feel like you are her one and only client in the world. The success of my daughter winning other State titles and earning the National Junior Miss Spirit of the USA, 2017 was due to the exceptional coaching of Corrin. She worked with her on every area of competition including interview, walking/stage presence, and her wardrobe. My daughter loves being part of the Reign Family and looks forward to her sessions as she works towards her bright future of pageantry together!"

- Jennifer DeCaro
Fit to Reign gave me confidence and helped me feel prepared for the Miss Earth United States pageant in August. The interview preparation was like none other. Corrin was able to give me new ways to develop my answers that set me apart from my competition. Interview is such an important part of pageantry and Corrin’s tips and mock interview sessions helped me stand out to the judges and place in the Top 20. The flexibility of the sessions fit perfectly into my packed schedule and gave me the a peace of mind that I was going to be ready to compete. Fit to Reign is ready to help with any phase of competition and such a pleasure to work with.

- Natalie DeMarino
Miss Pennsylvania Earth United States 2017
Corrin is so kind and so helpful. She listens to what you think you need help with and adjusts her plan to meet what your needs are. I worked with her as Miss Wisconsin Earth US 2017, and have since gone on to win another title; Miss Wisconsin International 2018. I learned so much in my preparation for Miss Earth US and what I learned helped me in winning the title of Miss Wisconsin International as well as preparing me for Miss International this summer, and that is thanks to the amazing Corrin Stellakis. Corrin is genuine, humble, and an great inspiration.

- Emma Loney
Miss Wisconsin Earth United States 2017
Miss Wisconsin International 2018
The Miss Earth United States pageant was my very first pageant of that type to have ever competed in. Starting off, I knew absolutely nothing about what to wear, how to pose, or how to write my speech. Thanks to the personal coaching from Corrin Stellakis and her Fit To Reign program, I felt so confident, prepared, and well organized. With her guidance I was placed in the top 10, won most photogenic, and top charitable fundraiser. I highly recommend the Fit To Reign program, as I know the immense impact it has had on my life and could have on yours as well!

- Emilya Washeleski
Miss Vermont Earth United States 2017
Back in June, I was introduced to Corrin as one of my state sponsors. Going into Miss U.S. International, I had only competed in 2 other pageants at the local and state level. Corrin was knowledgeable and able to help prepare me for outings during the pageant, photoshoots, and the final pageant. From helping with my outfit choices, to skyping to learn different walking techniques, the amount of encouragement I received from Corrin during that week made me feel as if I had already won the pageant. I would highly recommend Corrin for your next pageant!

- Katherine Potts
Miss New Hampshire US International 2017
Photo Credit: Dan Bayu
Corrin is an amazing pageant coach! She helped me in all areas of competition including modeling, interview, and personal introduction. Because of her, I am proud to say that I captured the title of NAM NY Jr Pre Teen 2017, won the state Casual Wear competition, was chosen as Most Promising Model, and placed 3rd runner up in the Top Model Competition!

- Olivia Sczerbaniewicz
NAM New York Junior Pre-Teen 2017
What better pageant coach than to have one such as Corrin, who is a pageant veteran! Corrin has helped me for both state and nationals in the Miss Earth system. I am so glad I found her, as she really helped me go into state and nationals with more confidence and understanding about the system. She's very reassuring, patient, and really brings very good energy to every session which I have always appreciated! You owe it to yourself to get a great coach that will help guide you so you are sharp, polished, and ready to compete for the crown!

- Ashley Nicole Smith
Elite Miss California Earth United States 2017